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s part of the companies expansion plan, we have been awarded contracts in England, Scotland, Holland, Canada, United States, and as far as Malaysia. With further plans to work over seas on international rail networks in the coming months.

Along with our staff working internationaly on rail projects ranging from tamping operations, ballast cleaning and field maintenance Lloyd Rail is developing a fully accredited training management system which will alow us to train and assess railway staff on a global scale with courses being designed and customised to fit the needs of our clients.

JAN 2013
After a successful relationship with Sersa Total Track Canada which began in early 2012. Lloyd Rail will again be sending staff to Canada to work side by side with Sersa Total Track in 2013 on ballast cleaning projects throughout the territories of Canada. A team of operators, fitters and electricians will be working around the clock on Sersa Total Tracks Plasser & Theruer ballast cleaning systems.

MARCH 2013
A team of our operators and technicians flew out to work in Malaysia recently for three months under the supervision of Leighton’s contracting. They will be working on a variety of relay projects throughout the Malaysian railway system utilising Plasser & Theurer on track machinery.

APRIL 2013
Lloyd Rail staff will soon be going to Minnesota USA to deliver a ballast cleaning training course to Total Track Ltd. The course is based around the Plasser & Theurer RM76 ballast cleaning system. As a City & Guilds approved training centre, Lloyd Rail plan to exploit the expert skills of its staff to deliver a number of customised training courses for its world wide customers focusing on the customers individual needs.

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